早上收到的邮件:Update: Enhanced Golden Heart™ Referral Program – More Gold for You!

We’ve completely redesigned our Golden Heart Referral Program to reward you with more free gold! Our new tiered program will not only reward you for each successful referral, it can also shorten bonus settlement times to as little as zero days and increase your earning potential by as much as 200%.

Starting today, our proprietary algorithm will analyze and rank the quality of referrals you have referred to the BitGold platform. While the exact methodology is confidential, we can disclose that our algorithm will be focusing on the quality rather than the quantity of your referred users. Heightened engagement will lead to a higher quality score while a high percentage of suspended referred users will lead to a lower quality score.

Every 30 days our algorithm will rebalance and re-rank every Golden Heart participant providing you with a renewed opportunity to increase your quality score.

Each quality score (1-5) will result in different benefits and rewards.

✮ = Current Bonus Level* with a 60 day Pending Period
✮✮ = Current Bonus Level* with a 50 day Pending Period
✮✮✮ = Current Bonus Level* with a 30 day Pending Period
✮✮✮✮ = 1.5x Current Bonus Level* with a 30 day Pending Period
✮✮✮✮✮ = 2.0x Current Bonus Level* with instant settlement — No Pending Period

There is no limit to the number of people you can invite and the amount of free gold you can earn. Take full advantage of the BitGold Golden Heart referral program by spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and SMS. Log into your Dashboard and click the Golden Heart icon on the top right to get started!





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