We are currently in the process of shipping units purchased before your order was placed. We do this in chronological order. Our delivery dates have changed due to some unforeseen circumstances with production (L.A. Port strikes).

We make monthly updates on our web page: Our latest update from our shipping department is that we will have all orders backed in our first 2013 Pulse campaign from Oct 28 to December 27 2013 fulfilled by September 2015.
After we are finished fulfilling orders from the 2013 campaign, we will start on contributions placed from the 2014 Pulse Foreverfunding/Indemand campaign by date purchased. Since you did purchase your Pulse when the 2014 campaign started, you will be one of the first from that campaign to get their order fulfilled.
The Pulse HPA is still in the Design Stage but is estimated to go into production by the end of August. It is estimated to be in production for 6 to 8 weeks and then it will go to the shipping department.
Larry has also written an interesting blog about the difference between presale and crowd design:
We will fulfill our promise to you and deliver your product. There have been many delays, but I believe once you finally do get your product, you will be blown away by the quality of sound you will be receiving and have an advantage of getting it at such a low cost.



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